Posted on Oct 18, 2019

Eurocuts - Boutique Hair Salon of Portland

Professional colorists can make it go away without making your color look unnatural. In the hands of an Artist, you can get:

A custom shade created just for you. No one else in the world will have your exact hair color when your Framesi colorist customizes a color formula and determines exactly how it will look when applied over the color you have now. Want your color a tad lighter? A bit less red? Incredibly caramelized? Colorists can do that.

Highlights just where you want them. Colorists are trained in all the newest techniques, from baliage hair painting to tone-on-tone foiling. Not only can they give you the exact shade of highlights you want; they can position them right where you want them and adjust the size to create everything from shimmering micro-lights to bold color-chunks.
Hair color that makes your cut look better. Instead of a hairdo, you’ll enjoy a total hair design when a colorist applies color to enhance your haircut and even your hair’s natural movement.

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Steve Earl ~ Sassoon Stylist
Eurocuts - Boutique Hair Salon of Portland
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